Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cold & Flu Season Protection for your Baby

Photo courtesy of  Babycenter.uk
by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

One day it's snowing, and the next day it's 60 degrees. No wonder people get sick during this weather! Did you know that just by giving your baby your breastmilk, you are helping keep him healthy during cold and flu season? Yep, that's right, every time he nurses, your baby is getting a variety of amazing components that help keep him healthy! So just what is it about your milk that makes such a difference?

Your Magical Milk

Breastmilk is a living fluid filled with many kinds of cells. Some of those cells are immunoglobulins (primarily secretory Ig-A, but others may be present as well); others are infection-fighting leukocytes.  They are produced in direct response to a pathogen. So for example, if you and baby are exposed to Great Aunt Jean's nasty cold and cough, your body goes right to work producing antibodies to exactly what Aunt Jean so kindly brought into your house. Your sister decided to visit just as she was coming down with the flu? Your body gets busy making antibodies to the very strain of flu she has. And you pass all these antibodies right to your baby every time you nurse.

Research has shown that when a baby is fighting infection, the content of his mother's milk is significantly higher in leukocytes. That is awesome; but even more intriguing is the theory proposed by researcher Katie Hinde, PhD, at Arizona State University. She and her team hypothesize that one of the ways your body knows what your baby needs is due to elements in baby's saliva that enter your breast as you nurse, stimulating your body to produce elements in your milk designed to specifically fight whatever baby is dealing with.

If You Get Sick

Regardless of how your body knows that it should produce these antibodies and leukocytes, the fact remains that it DOES! You are like a walking medicine cabinet for your baby.  Sometimes a mother may think she shouldn't be around her baby or nurse if she's got a nasty cold or flu. Actually just the opposite is true. When she nurses she is protecting her baby who has already been exposed to her illness. Not nursing will result in a sicker baby. So if you start feeling bad yourself, be extra sure to nurse as often as you can because your baby definitely needs protection from whatever it is that you might have.
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If you are feeling just awful, you do need to take care of yourself. This Kelly Mom article has a lot of great information on things you can do to help yourself feel better. Generally it is better to avoid decongestants if possible because anything that can dry up nasal secretions could also have that effect on your milk. A Neti Pot is a great option. Most nasal sprays are considered safe. Guafinesin (Mucinex) is considered a safe cough medication during breastfeeding. It is best to look for preparations with a single ingredient.

Rest as much as you can and stay well hydrated. If you and baby can just curl up together in bed, snuggle, nurse and sleep, that is ideal. Make sure you've got a Big Gulp filled with ice water sitting right next to the bed! Your appetite may be off a bit, but try to at least snack on healthy high-fat foods like nuts or guacamole.

If Baby Gets Sick

It is heartbreaking when your little one doesn't feel well! If your baby does develop a cold or gets a virus, be sure to continue nursing as often as he will nurse. You may find that he won't nurse as long as he usually does,  so you might need to offer the breast more frequently. A cool air humidifier can help ease the discomfort for baby, too. A little bit of breastmilk in baby's nose will help you be able to suction it well. We really like the Nosefrida for stuffy little noses. 

Rest assured that the severity of whatever virus or cold baby may pick up will be mitigated by all the wonderful leukocytes and antibodies that he is getting from you. And cuddles from Mom as he nurses will help soothe him until he is 100% again. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The MOM Foundation presents the first annual MOM Calender

Photo by  Wagon wheel Photography
by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

I am so excited to announce that The MOM Foundation is putting together a calendar filled with beautiful pictures of North Alabama mothers nursing their babies. Thirteen North Alabama photographers are providing an incredible assortment of lovely breastfeeding photos. These tasteful photos show mothers in a variety of settings from a cotton field to a woodland setting to a comfy nursing chair. Some are taken from a distance to show the surroundings, while others are close-up pictures highlighting the beautiful expressions of the nurslings.

This calendar makes the perfect gift for any breastfeeding mother. It will look wonderful hanging in a physician's office, a WIC office, or any business that works with mothers and babies. It is the perfect gift to encourage an expectant mom who is looking forward to breastfeeding her child.

Your Support is Vital

All proceeds from the calendar will benefit The MOM Foundation. This North Alabama 501c3 organization is dedicated to supporting low-income and teen mothers in natural parenting practices. We offer Sliding-Fee Scale professional breastfeeding support services. We never ask for any proof of income; we just want to make certain that any mother who needs breastfeeding help gets it as quickly as possible without money being an obstacle. We also sponsor the Bosom Buddies project at A Nurturing Moment which provides gently used nursing bras to low-income and teen moms  If we don't have a donated bra to fit a mother, we will provide her one from store stock. Those mothers who are receiving WIC are also eligible to rent a hospital-grade Symphony breastpump at half the regualar price.
Photo by Earthy Moon Photos

In addition to supporting a wide variety of breastfeeding initiatives, The MOM Foundation also sponsors The North Alabama Cloth Diaper Bank which provides diaper grants to low-income families. Many families struggle to buy diapers, so we make sure they have enough diapers to adequately diaper their babies.

All of these efforts are completely dependent upon donations from our amazing mama community. Your donations of bras, diapers, time and money have enabled us to continue offering all the services we offer. We hope that this calendar project will provide much-needed funds to be able to continue providing for as many mothers as possible, and also to expand the services we are able to provide.

Who Is Involved?

We are so excited about the response we have received from local photographers. The following photographers have agreed to be part of this project:  Jamie Clauss of Count it Joy Photography, Amanda Argo of DoodleButt Photography, Sarah Buchanan of Sarah Buchanan Photography, Jessica Molepske of Wild Child Photogrpahy , Ashley White of A. White Photography & Creations, Wendella Graham of Pitter-Patter Photography, Melanie Kolowaski of Melanie Kolowski Photography, Adrianne Moon of Adrienne Moon Photography, Mary Ellen Pollard of Lighthouse Photography, Corey Anna Straits of Earthymoon Photos, Krystal Ness of The Paper Jay, Jennifer Myers of Jennifer Myers Photography, Mallory Clemmons of Oliver Fair Designs and Photography, and Brekke Johnson of Wagon Wheel Photo. When I mentioned this idea late Saturday night, I was overwhelmed by the response from so many talented photographers!

Photo by Adrienne Moon Photography

Get Your Calendar Now

Calendars will arrive the week of Christmas, just in time to be the perfect Christmas gift!  Each calendar will have a page of coupons worth well over $100. You can reserve your calendar NOW with a minimum gift of just $15 to The MOM Foundation. You can send your gift via PayPal to anm@knology.net or simply click the button below. Be sure to include your phone number. Or you can come into the store and make your donation in person.  If you don't live close enough to pick up your calendar at A Nurturing Moment in Huntsville, please include  your address. Shipping cost is $5 for 1-2 calendars, $7 for 3-5 calendars, and $10 for 6 or more calendars. Be sure to include shipping with your gift, please. Our goal is to raise $7000 by the end of the year, and we are on our way. Our Huntsville Mommy Milk Meet-up group has over 1300 members. Even if half our members donate, we will surpass our goal!

Win a Calendar!

We are going to give away a calendar to one lucky winner. Enter today!

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Win a Labor Photo Session from Doodlebutt Designs

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

How would you like a free labor and delivery photography session? Or maybe a lovely session with you nursing your baby? A Nurturing Moment and Doodlebutt Designs are giving away one session for every 10 Best Chairs sold between now and December 31.

When you purchase any chair on the floor or order a chair and finance it (we offer financing for up to a year with no interest with approved credit), you receive one entry. If you order a chair and pay for it in full at the time of purchase, you receive two entries, and if the chair you purchase costs more than $700, you receive one extra entry. Depending on how many chairs are sold during this period we might be giving away 2 or 3 sessions!

Our Small Business Saturday Sale is our biggest sale of the year, and for one day only, you can save 20% on any chair on the floor OR any chair you order. All the chairs on the floor are already discounted, and for this one day, you can save even more! While the contest will continue through December 31, there will not be another day when we offer discounts like this!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Laser Frenectomy Is Now Available in Madison County

By Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

Dr. Kennon Curtis has just taken over the Madison Pediatric Dental practice of Dr. Brian Beitel. That is REALLY exciting news for the lactation community because Dr. Curtis understands the importance of revising tongue ties and upper lip ties early to help optimize breastfeeding. He has gained experience in his father's practice in Columbus, MS, in this area, and is now bringing his expertise here to North Alabama!

Dr. Curtis has grown up around pediatric dentistry; it is obvious when you meet him that he is passionate about what he does. His dad has been involved at every level of pediatric dentistry and was actually president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in 2004. The younger Dr. Curtis has had the privilege of shadowing pediatric dentists in 8 states and 3 countries. He says "Of all these pediatric dentists I've met, I've never met one who says, 'I wish I had done something else.' I can't say that about any other profession." He was part of a large pediatric practice in Southaven, Mississippi,  prior to moving to Columbus to help with his Dad's practice while the elder Dr. Curtis recovered from a surgical procedure. Dr. Beitel has been a long-time friend of the Curtis family, so when he approached the younger Dr. Curtis about taking over his Madison practice, it seemed like a great opportunity.

Very much a family man, Dr. Curtis and his wife Candi have two daughters who are 7 and 3 years old. They are really looking forward to being part of the community in Madison as they build a life here. I was particularly excited to learn that their daughter will be starting at Westminster Christian Academy in January, since we have had such a wonderful experience there with our own children.

Beforehand Jonah had a tight upper lip.
Dr. Curtis began to learn about the importance of frenectomy procedures to help babies breastfeed better while he was working with his father. Several years ago the older Dr. Curtis had been introduced to this concept at a dental conference. After researching it, he incorporated it into his practice. The younger Dr. Curtis, whose two daughters breastfed, realized that it was an important service to offer mothers and babies. He wasn't sure how much of a demand there would be for it here; however, I think it's safe to say that he is quickly realizing that our lactation community will keep him busy!

Look at that plump post-revision upper lip!
I learned about Dr. Curtis yesterday after Annie Neidert saw him for a procedure on her baby, Jonah. You can actually see the difference in the way his upper lip looks before and after the procedure! Annie was very pleased with their visit to Dr. Curtis. " Dr. Curtis encouraged me to be there for the procedure. I held Jonah's head and stroked his hair and talked to him. It was over in 5 minutes. Then we nursed right after. Jonah has been getting bottles and was frustrated at the breast, so we gave a bottle. We have some work ahead of us establishing breastfeeding. He will have to learn how to latch with his newly released tongue." By this afternoon, Annie noticed that instead of falling asleep during a feed, he was staying awake and finishing it completely.

I have since already referred two more patients to Dr. Curtis. Like a true professional, he has made of point of consulting with the pediatrician of the 5 day old baby girl I referred to him last night. I look forward to seeing him build relationships with other medical professionals in this community and continue to help educate all who care for infants about the importance of tongue-tie  and upper-lip-tie revision for effective breastfeeding.

Dr. Curtis cares for infants, children, adolescents, teenagers and special needs individuals. His office is located at
7771 Hwy 72 West, Ste. B in Madison. You can find in on the web at pediatricdentistryofmadison.com . They are also on Facebook.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Curtis call 256-325-6595.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

GroVia One Holds Almost a Pound of Pee!

Dry O.N.E. weighed .70

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC
The other day Beth from Moo Moo Caboose came to a breastfeeding support group to talk to the moms about cloth diapering. She had a GroVia O.N.E. diaper on her little boy that he had been wearing for quite a while since she had gotten him up when he was still mostly asleep to put him in the car seat. By the time she went to change him, the diaper was very full, but not leaking at all. We couldn't believe how heavy it felt, so we decided to weigh it.

Full O.N.E. held almost a pound of pee
Imagine our shock when it weighed 1 lb. 6 oz. That was amazing since a dry O.N.E. weighed just .7 oz. This amazing diaper held almost a pound of pee! It is truly one of the best nighttime solutions that we have seen. Even that baby who wets through everything is likely to wake up dry in a O.N.E. that hasn't leaked through to jammies or sheets. With a price point of just $21.95, we feel like this is one of the best diaper deals around!

Another thing we absolutely love about the O.N.E. is that it is the cushiest, softest diaper we've ever felt. Nearly all the absorbency is a result of the most amazing organic cotton imaginable. This amazing diaper also gives you the option of converting from snap closure to aplix closure and back.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced amazing nighttime diaper, the GroVia O.N.E. is everything you need!