Friday, November 27, 2015

Win a Labor Photo Session from Doodlebutt Designs

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

How would you like a free labor and delivery photography session? Or maybe a lovely session with you nursing your baby? A Nurturing Moment and Doodlebutt Designs are giving away one session for every 10 Best Chairs sold between now and December 31.

When you purchase any chair on the floor or order a chair and finance it (we offer financing for up to a year with no interest with approved credit), you receive one entry. If you order a chair and pay for it in full at the time of purchase, you receive two entries, and if the chair you purchase costs more than $700, you receive one extra entry. Depending on how many chairs are sold during this period we might be giving away 2 or 3 sessions!

Our Small Business Saturday Sale is our biggest sale of the year, and for one day only, you can save 20% on any chair on the floor OR any chair you order. All the chairs on the floor are already discounted, and for this one day, you can save even more! While the contest will continue through December 31, there will not be another day when we offer discounts like this!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Laser Frenectomy Is Now Available in Madison County

By Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

Dr. Kennon Curtis has just taken over the Madison Pediatric Dental practice of Dr. Brian Beitel. That is REALLY exciting news for the lactation community because Dr. Curtis understands the importance of revising tongue ties and upper lip ties early to help optimize breastfeeding. He has gained experience in his father's practice in Columbus, MS, in this area, and is now bringing his expertise here to North Alabama!

Dr. Curtis has grown up around pediatric dentistry; it is obvious when you meet him that he is passionate about what he does. His dad has been involved at every level of pediatric dentistry and was actually president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in 2004. The younger Dr. Curtis has had the privilege of shadowing pediatric dentists in 8 states and 3 countries. He says "Of all these pediatric dentists I've met, I've never met one who says, 'I wish I had done something else.' I can't say that about any other profession." He was part of a large pediatric practice in Southaven, Mississippi,  prior to moving to Columbus to help with his Dad's practice while the elder Dr. Curtis recovered from a surgical procedure. Dr. Beitel has been a long-time friend of the Curtis family, so when he approached the younger Dr. Curtis about taking over his Madison practice, it seemed like a great opportunity.

Very much a family man, Dr. Curtis and his wife Candi have two daughters who are 7 and 3 years old. They are really looking forward to being part of the community in Madison as they build a life here. I was particularly excited to learn that their daughter will be starting at Westminster Christian Academy in January, since we have had such a wonderful experience there with our own children.

Dr. Curtis began to learn about the importance of frenectomy procedures to help babies breastfeed better while he was working with his father. Several years ago the older Dr. Curtis had been introduced to this concept at a dental conference. After researching it, he incorporated it into his practice. The younger Dr. Curtis, whose two daughters breastfed, realized that it was an important service to offer mothers and babies. He wasn't sure how much of a demand there would be for it here; however, I think it's safe to say that he is quickly realizing that our lactation community will keep him busy!

I learned about Dr. Curtis yesterday after Annie Neidert saw him for a procedure on her baby, Jonah. You can actually see the difference in the way his upper lip looks before and after the procedure! Annie was very pleased with their visit to Dr. Curtis. " Dr. Curtis encouraged me to be there for the procedure. I held Jonah's head and stroked his hair and talked to him. It was over in 5 minutes. Then we nursed right after. Jonah has been getting bottles and was frustrated at the breast, so we gave a bottle. We have some work ahead of us establishing breastfeeding. He will have to learn how to latch with his newly released tongue." By this afternoon, Annie noticed that instead of falling asleep during a feed, he was staying awake and finishing it completely.

I have since already referred two more patients to Dr. Curtis. Like a true professional, he has made of point of consulting with the pediatrician of the 5 day old baby girl I referred to him last night. I look forward to seeing him build relationships with other medical professionals in this community and continue to help educate all who care for infants about the importance of tongue-tie  and upper-lip-tie revision for effective breastfeeding.

Dr. Curtis cares for infants, children, adolescents, teenagers and special needs individuals. His office is located at
7771 Hwy 72 West, Ste. B in Madison. You can find in on the web at . They are also on Facebook.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Curtis call 256-325-6595.