Saturday, July 29, 2017

Your Baby's First Trip

A Baby Ktan makes the trek
through the airport easier!
by Belinda Moss, Guest Blogger

Traveling by road with your little one may be tedious and stressful, but it can be loads of fun for the family if you plan your trip ahead of time. I recommend that you get a good night’s rest before embarking on your trip, map out your route as carefully as possible with the aid of maps and GPS navigation, and last but certainly not the least do all your packing ahead of time. All essentials you would need during the trip should be packed into quick access bags that can be placed in the back seat. Some essentials you might need while on the road include:
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Blankets, change of clothes and bibs
  • Formula and liquids
  • Toys and portable video players

Be sure to stick to your baby’s feeding and nap schedules to keep him/her happy and comfortable during the trip. You can premix the dry ingredients for the formula then add liquids when needed. This will make it easier to feed your baby on time and make things easier to prepare.

Ensure your baby’s comfort during the road trip by using a car baby seat which supports your baby’s body. If your baby is alone in the backseat, and you are worried about keeping an eye on him/her, then have the baby seat installed behind the driver’s seat. That way you can keep an eye on your prince/princess from your mirror.

Take scenic routes and make stopovers at nice diners for a meal or at a motel for some rest. Make sure you take photos at all stops to document your trip’s memories for the family album.

You may consider playing sing-along audio CDs, which most babies tend to love, or you can opt for a portable video CD player that can be installed in the car to enable your baby have live visual entertainment. That will definitely keep the angel busy for a few hours!

But how do you plan for a flight with a baby? It’s not as tedious as you think! Check out these tips from to make sure you have everything needed for the big trip.

Belinda Moss first published this infographic here.