Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let's Celebrate the Normalization of Breastfeeding

By Glenni Lorick, IBCLC
Thursday a number of moms and nursing babies/toddlers descended on Point Mallard. What had first been intended as a protest against the treatment received by nursing mother Emily Jackson, turned into a full -fledged celebration of the normalization of breastfeeding! Thanks to the amazing publicity due to the article written by Anna Claire Vollers, Point Mallard was quick to issue a statement in support of nursing mothers and their families.

Recently another local mom had an unfortunate experience at a local restaurant. Alex Ragland was celebrating her husband's return after a business trip. They were enjoying dinner at Buenavista where Alex ordered a Margarita. She waited to drink it until she was done nursing her 7month old son. After securing him in his high chair, she relaxed and drank her cocktail. When she ordered a second one, the waitress began making loud comments to other customers about her endangering her baby. One of the customers, himself a Redstone Arsenal Police Officer, called the Madison Police! When Alex went out to her car, she was met by Officers who explained that they had to make a report since they were called. They informed her that they had no choice but to involve DHR. The manager of Buenavista was extremely upset by what had happened to them, and he gave them their meal for free.

That night Alex contacted me because she was so understandably upset. She did speak with an attorney, (one of our incredible ANM moms) but decided not to pursue legal action. This week I stopped in to see Antonio, the manager. He was quick to tell me that the offending waitress no longer works there. He also expressed his dismay over what happened to Alex. He couldn't understand why anybody would give a second thought to somebody breastfeeding since it is completely normal in his home country! He assured me that all his staff understands never to bother a nursing mom, and if another patron complains, he will be relocated.

In light of Antonio's wonderful attitude, and with Alex's full blessing, we are planning a  #NormalizeBreastfeeding celebration for Thursday, July 2, at 6:00 at Buenavista on Highway 72 in Madison. We are taking advantage of their $2.99 margaritas as part of our celebration. Please understand that we are NOT encouraging moms to drink while nursing. Although Dr. Jack Newman  has said that "Reasonable alcohol intake should not be discouraged at all." Basically, if you are safe to drive, a Baby is safe to dine! Nevertheless, Alex did nurse first THEN had her margarita.

Let us know if you plan to come by responding to this link in Huntsville Mommy Milk Meet-up. Of course husbands are welcome! In fact, my husband and I plan to be there celebrating with our amazing mamas and babies!