Thursday, October 12, 2017

2018 MOM Foundation Calenders On Sale Now!

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

It's  that time of year where we hold our largest annual fundraiser for The MOM Foundation: the annual calendar filled with gorgeous photos of breastfeeding moms from the Tennessee Valley. I love this project because it allows local photographers to showcase their talent. This is the third year that we have done this project, and the photos coming in are absolutely magnificent.

The MOM Foundation

What is The MOM Foundation? It is the 501c3 non-profit organization that allows us to do many of the amazing things we do. The following programs are all sponsored by The MOM Foundation:
  • The Bosom Buddy Project: This project allows low-income and teen moms to receive free gently used nursing bras. We measure each mother and help her find 2 bras that will fit her. The bras come from our generous Nurturing Moment family. When you bring in a bra to donate, you get a discount on your purchase that day, and we are always in need of all sizes of bras. If we don't have a single bra in our donation boxes that will fit a mother, then we provide her one bra from our ANM inventory. The MOM Foundation pays that cost.
  • Sliding scale Lactation Consultations: We believe that every mother is entitled to the breastfeeding help she needs without worrying about finances. That's why The MOM Foundation allows us to provide our lactation services on a sliding fee scale. We tell every mother who comes in to pay whatever works in her budget.
  • Half-price Breast Pump Rental: Mothers on the WIC program are entitled to half price breast pump rental. Instead of the normal $65 monthly rate, they pay only $32.50 a month for a Medela Symphony breast pump. This is a tremendous savings for those moms who desperately need a pump during the first month of baby's life before they are able to get one through WIC.
  • The North Alabama Cloth Diaper Bank: Some mothers find themselves in a situation where they must choose between feeding their families and diapering their babies. So The North Alabama Cloth Diaper Bank provides free loans of cloth diapers to families in need. Instead of having to keep going back to get more disposable diapers, these mothers are able to receive a loan that provides enough diapers for their baby throughout infancy and toddlerhood.

Your Role

We couldn't do all of this without your support. As you look at your end of the year charitable giving please consider including The MOM Foundation in your plans. One way to support us is to make a donation to the MOM Foundation. Another way is to buy a calendar or two (or three...)! Important events like The Great Cloth Diaper Change, Mom Prom, The Big Latch On and Huntsville Mommy Milk Meet-up Meetings are listed on the calendar, so you never miss anything! These calendars make a great gift for your favorite doula, midwife, lactation consultant, WIC nutritionist, doctor or nurse. Why not get one for that special friend who is pregnant or breastfeeding!Think about who you want to bless this year with a calendar. And make sure to buy one for yourself, too! 

The Presale price this year is $20 for one calendar, or $15 each for 2 or more calendars. The presale begins today and will go through November 22. After that, the cost will be $25 for one calendar or $20 for 2 or more calendars. If you want your calendar mailed to you please add $5 for shipping for 1-2 calendars and $9 for shipping for 3 or more. It's easy to make your order, just click the donate button below, and in the note section be sure to leave your name and phone number. In early December, you will receive our calendars in plenty of time to give them as Christmas presents!