Thursday, January 26, 2012

See you at Crestwood Today!

Seventeen years ago I was immersed in writing a breastfeeding protocol for an exciting new birth option in the Tennessee Valley. The group I worked for, Reproductive Program Specialists, had a contract with Crestwood Hospital (it's name back then) to write the childbirth and breastfeeding protocol for their new Birth Center.  I had the privilege of providing breastfeeding training to the nursery staff, and did so with my daughter (who is now 17) in tow. As I taught, she snuggled in my sling and nursed when she needed to - I didn't miss a beat teaching, and one nurse commented that she learned as much from watching me as she did from the material I presented.

Photo courtesy of Rocket City Mom
Shortly after Crestwood opened their midwife-staffed delivery service, our family left for the mission field. To my dismay, the Crestwood Birth Center closed a couple of years later.

Fast forward 17 years! Those wonderfully appointed rooms that were designed for mothers and babies are once again being used for their intended purpose (instead of for heart caths....) I'm so excited! Yesterday I received a call inviting A Nurturing Moment to be part of the open house today. Nothing could have made me happier! For the last few years we have enjoyed a very special relationship with Crestwood. We provide their breast pump rentals, delivering pumps to patient rooms upon request. We also offer a discount on breastfeeding products when mothers tell us that the Crestwood Lactation Consultants sent them!

If you don't have plans for this rainy day, come see the beautifully redone LDRP rooms at Crestwood today from 11- 2. Refreshments will be provided, and I'll see you there!

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