Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Important Safety Tip for Moms

Did you know that that online predators can track you via the pictures you take with your Smart Phone and post on Facebook or anywhere else. This video is an eye-opening report from a news station in Kansas City.

What mother doesn't love taking pictures of her baby? It's wonderful to let grandparents who don't live nearby keep up with baby's milestones. How about those first steps? Or your daughter's first dance recital? Or your son's T-ball game? Unfortunately, free software will allow anybody to find out exactly where those pictures were taken unless you know how to protect your pictures!

It' really simple to go into your Smart Phone location settings and disable the geocoding on photos. It just takes a moment to do it, and it will provide you a layer of protection. Simply follow the instructions in this video, and you will have one less worry. Of course, it's also a really good idea to make sure that only people you know have access to your photos on-line.

So take just a minute right now to make sure that those precious pictures you're snapping won't end up leading a predator to your little one. Better safe than sorry!

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