Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mama wants MudPie!

Today's post is a guest blog by Amanda Argo. She asked if she could do something to help us get Mud Pie!

Until my daughter was born, I had never favored frilly, cutesy clothes.  We frequently bought our Godson clothes as an infant and toddler, but I always seemed to prefer the ones that made him look like the little man that he was – Button Up shirts/Collared Polo Shirts with khakis or blue jeans and a belt.  The 2 years we were able take him to church with us on Easter, I didn’t buy cutesy rompers or the cotton overalls (I think they’re called Johnny somethings...), he wore a button up with matching tie with khakis and dress shoes one year, and the next he had a suit (ages 2-3).  

Once my daughter was born, I discovered the popular line MudPie.  There are only 2 suppliers of MudPie here in Huntsville, and while they shall remain nameless, I went in both stores while pregnant and was made to feel extremely uncomfortable and snubbed by the way I was talked to, and in how they never offered help finding something.  Several times I have asked if A Nurturing Moment would be getting the line, and it wasn’t until recently that Glenni said yes :0).  

I checked with Glenni today because I wanted something cute for my daughter to wear to the Easter Egg Hunt at our church next weekend.  I was sad when she told me they weren’t able to get MudPie because the Sales Rep felt that the 2 local stores who already carry the line were sufficient.  So, long story short, I contacted MudPie Customer Service and was directed to the regional Sales Rep who could offer nothing but an apology when I told her I would no longer be ordering their items online or even buying them second hand in consignment shops.  

My theory is that if I’m going to pay that much for a single outfit, I want to buy it from someone who values their relationship with their customers.  She also mentioned that the stores were strategically located in town, but what about the population from the south end of town or those of us who frequent ANM?  I know that with gas being $3.80 a gallon in most places I want to consolidate my trips and I’m not going to drive that far out of my way just for an outfit.  

SO, I would like all my MudPie-adoring-ANM-loving-Rudeness-hating-Gas-saving-Action-taking mommy pals (and fellow customers) to join with me in standing to bring this line to our favorite store :D  The regional sales rep’s name is Sherry and her number is 205-533-4447 and feel free to tell her I gave you the number :D
ANM Mommies Unite!


  1. I have been in All About Baby numerous times and NEVER EVER have I felt anything but welcomed. They have an amazing staff and have always helped me find anything that I wanted. If they did not have it in stock they have always special ordered it for me. Maybe you felt comfortable because you were being rude to them. I am sure All About Baby would not appreciate being called rude. There is a reason A Nurturing Moment doesn't have Mud-Pie and that is because All About Baby sells enough that the distributor doesn't feel that there needs to be another store on that end of town with the same brand. I am sure if All About Baby didn't sell enough they would find someone else to sell it.

  2. In her post, Amanda purposely didn't name any of other stores. My personal experience with All About Baby has always been very positive. I have nothing but good things to say about them and often recommend that moms check there if we don't have what they need. Amanda was simply expressing her desire that moms who live as far south as she does have a place closer to them that offers Mud Pie.