Monday, July 23, 2012

Be a Bosom Buddy and Help a Local Mom

One of our passions at A Nurturing Moment is helping low-income and teen moms. One way we do this is through our Bosom Buddy Program which provides free gently used nursing bras to breastfeeding mothers on the WIC program.  Each WIC mom is eligible for 2 bras every 6 months as long as she's nursing. We will fit her during the last month of pregnancy.

The key to this program's success is YOU! The way we get our gently used bras is from our customers. When you bring in clean gently used nursing bras (the size on the tag should still be visible, and the bra shouldn't be stained), we give you a discount on anything you purchase that day.
1 bra = 5% discount
2 bras = 10% discount
3+ bras = 15% discount
This discount will be over and above any other discounts you are entitled to!

Currently, we are really running low on certain sizes: We don't have any 34 D or DD. We need 36 C, D & DD, 38 D & DD, and 40 C&D. Of course we appreciate any size bra you bring in! You can be certain that another mother will be glad you took the time to donate!

 When a woman is struggling to pay bills, she often doesn't have $50 or even $35 for a good, supportive nursing bra. That's why this project is so critical. Not only will breastfeeding save significant money when compared to infant formula, but Mom won't have to spend a lot of money on a good nursing bra! Recent moms who have received bras through our Bosom Buddies project include a teen mom who is very committed to breastfeeding her baby, a single mom who is planning to finish school, and an army wife.


  1. I have one to donate that I only wore once or twice! No need for a discount. Do you have anyone in Madison who might be able to pick it up from me? I can't drive right now due to injury. My email is

    1. Thanks so much, Brigette! We'll be in touch to arrange a pick up.

  2. I never knew such a program existed! I was on WIC with my oldest daughter (whom I nursed for a year while I worked and went to college) and this program would have helped me out so much! I know it will help others :) I am excited to be bringing by some bras later this week to help another struggling mama!

  3. I had a couple I was about to donate to the thrift store, so perfect timing Glenni!