Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IBCLC: The BEST Job in the World!!

I have the BEST job in the world.
Nope, you can't argue with me.
Nope, it doesn't matter how much I don't get paid.
Nope, getting a call at midnight is not a nuisance....
I told you, I have the BEST job in the world.

Here are the top ten reasons why being an IBCLC absolutely rocks!! 

  1. Newborn babies smell so sweet and are so soft, and I get to hold them all the time!
  2. Seeing a mother go from tears of frustration to tears of relief is priceless.
  3. Teaching is a key component of my job, and I love to teach!
  4. I have the opportunity to see babies I worked with grow into toddlers, preschoolers and even young adults.
  5. The friendships I have built with mothers over the years have enriched my life beyond belief.
  6. IBCLC's are an amazing group of people to call colleagues!
  7. I get to learn new things all the time as I research conditions that are new to me.
  8. God designed the breastfeeding relationship so when I help a mother nurse successfully, I am enabling her to do what her Creator intended her to do.
  9. I have the privilege of "weeping with those who weep" - when a mother is struggling I can encourage her. When she is broken-hearted I can pray for her. When she needs affirmation, I can give it.
  10. Nothing compares with the amazing privilege of touching the lives of moms and babies every single day.
If an IBCLC has made a difference in your life, take a minute to thank her and maybe even leave a comment here for her!

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