Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Windi Works for Gassy Babies

by Elizabeth Hill, Guest Blogger

What did one burp say to the other?  Let's be stinkers and go out the back way!

My two month old must think this is really funny. He does not like to burp.  He bears down if he feels one coming up.  This often leads to hiccups and invariably leads to a gassy belly. 

I had read about The Windi on one of those "all the cool moms have these" lists.  It's distributed by fridababy, the makers of the NoseFrida.  I ,being a cool mom, also wanted to give them a go - especially since I often have a windy baby.

Saturday morning, he's windy. I get out The Windi.  It's a little tube for insertion into the rectum with a larger grip with ridges to hold.  The instructions are clear.  Massage the tummy, put a little baby oil on the tip and insert.  I don't use baby oil, so jojoba oil was used in my experiment.  The procedure may need to be repeated several times to work.  It said you will hear a swooshing sound when the gas is released.

I massaged and inserted.  He, with one eyebrow raised and a quizzical look, began to bear down, nothing.  We repeated the procedure three times and then it was as if a trumpet sounded.  We both giggled.

With my talented pusher, The Windi was not quite as spectacular as I had hoped.  I guess I hoped for something that would just magically remove all the air from his tract without all of the effort on his part. 

So yes, The Windi works.  I believe it would be really good for a baby who has a hard time pushing out his or her air.  With the massage, and baby's instinct to bear down when something is inserted into the rectum, the gas does come out. 

The stems are not reusable, and the frugal part of me really thought about giving it a good washing and trying it again.  But, I do feel it best to dispose of them after use.

If you have a windy baby, I would recommend giving The Windi a try.  It's always nice to have another tool to help keep your baby comfortable and yourself sane.

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