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You Can Make a Difference for a Nicaraguan Child!

Guest Blog
By Cari Worshek       

We often look at mission trips as something that only certain people participate in.  They are for people who have a certain calling on their lives and/or have plenty of money and time off from work.  They are for people who want to travel overseas and help those in other parts of the world.  While some of those things are true, we have ALL been given a global mission to love God and to love our neighbors beginning in our homes and neighborhoods and extending to the ends of the earth. 
            Compass Life began with a calling to unite all in the same mission…the mission given by God to ALL people.  One of the ways we do this is though our annual 50X Campaign.  We are collecting new to nearly new summer clothes for adults and children, toys, hats and shoes for the people of Nicaragua.  The items will be shipped in November 2013 and in February, 2014, a team from Huntsville will travel over as part of a team sharing the love of Christ through word and deed to approximately 4000 people.  In addition to sharing about God’s love through His Word and ministering to spiritual needs, the team will minister to physical needs through medical, dental, and vision clinics as well as a gift store where families are given beans and rice, Bibles, and the items collected through the 50X campaign. 
            50X is a great way for even the youngest child to participate in “the Mission” by donating toys, clothes, etc.  When discussing this with your children, remind them that the children in Nicaragua don’t need toys just like they don’t need toys, but it is a way for them to share a smile with someone who lives in a different country.  It is a way to be part of the mission team! When packing away your summer clothes, cleaning out your garage, closet, etc. please pack up those nearly new items and drop them off at one of our locations.  If you don’t have to drop them off, we’ll be glad to arrange a time to come and get them. 
            After “going” on my first mission trip last September, I see even more how important the entire team is to “the Mission.”  The team, made up of those sending, praying and going, is integral in the mission.  With a goal of 50 boxes to be shipped last year as well, God’s people blew us away as the “team” gave more than 100 boxes worth of donations AND a group of dedicated people to pack those boxes in the blazing summer heat.  God led His people to generously give money in support of sending people who felt called to go. The prayers of so many were evident as we arrived in Tisma, Nicaragua with many softened hearts eager to hear of God’s love for them.  God even rallied a group of people to provide meals to the families who had a member away on the trip.  The blessings go on and on!  I know that Jesus said to “go and make disciples” but I wonder if the ones “going, praying and supporting” are receiving the discipleship, training and blessing as much or more than they are giving it?!?! 
            These are some questions I pondered after spending a week there last year…What is it about being
in Nicaragua that allows you to love so freely?  What is it that allows a team to bond so quickly?  What is it that makes you so sad to leave a group of people that you have only known for a few days?  What is it that would make our dentist choose not to wear a mask while performing dental work because "with the language barrier, I would have nothing without my smile?"  What is it that would let a group of women use less than desirable bathrooms, sleep on pads on a floor with the potential of critters, etc. without a second thought?  What is it that would sustain a group of people to get out of their comfort zones to serve wherever they were needed and to do it all with overflowing hearts?  What is it that would allow us to sweat 24/7 and not get grossed out by the smells...or even notice them?  What is it that would allow a preteen to get back in the truck and notice that his soft drink had been consumed and say "oh well, he needed it more than me?"  What is it that would stir people on our team to give away the clothes and shoes they were wearing?  What is it that makes me excited that our supplies were held up in customs?  What is it that kept my children from complaining or whining about going to bed, getting up, or ANYTHING?  What is it that allowed our children to play for hours with children who spoke a different language and laid their heads to sleep at night on plastic bottles?  What is it that made them leave hats and sunglasses for their new friends and want to move there?  What is it that makes a ten year old so excited about the number of children that accepted their Creator’s love and forgiveness for the first time?  What is it that allows you to be so exhausted yet so exhilarated that you don’t really want to sleep?  What is it that causes you to want to hug every person you see no matter how dirty they may be?  What is it that makes you so content with a cold shower by a garden hose inside a metal box under the stars?  What is it that allowed a team member to work out in the heat with very little shade working with dirty animals and coming back for a few minute nap on the hard dirty floor before going out again?  What is that allowed my husband to “give up” on sermon preparation and let God speak through Him to convey His love for the lost and not skip a beat even with a translator in the middle?  What is it that still makes me tear up at the sight of the pictures?

           I have to believe it is our AWESOME God’s plan. I have to believe that it is God’s grace.  I have to believe it is being centered on His path...and that it can be in my home, in my community, in Nicaragua or wherever He has me.  I have to believe that it is loving Him and our neighbors globally.   I have to believe it is living with open hands and clean hearts remembering that nothing is ours and everything we have comes from Him and is to be used for Him.  I have to believe it is complete surrender to His will and trusting that His will is best.  I have to believe it is reminding ourselves that this life is not about us at all, but about His glory and the redemption of precious souls to our Creator.  I have to believe it is because He did not save us to merely survive in our comfort zones, but to live ABUNDANTLY--not necessarily with an abundance of things--wherever that may be!  I have to believe it is depending FULLY on Him.  I have to believe it is throwing all of our expectations and demands aside.   I have to believe it is the prayers of His people.  I have to believe it is because I can't, but He can...that with Him all things are possible!  I have to believe that it is His Holy Spirit in and through us.  I have to believe that His Word IS TRUE and that centered on His path there is JOY!

Cari Worshek

For more information on 50X, go here or email Frances Walker at
You can bring your donations to A Nurturing Moment. We are a drop off location!!

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