Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your Video Recorder with Legs

This morning I was listening to Angela Chrysler on a conference call. She commented on a quote by Joel Osteen that had impacted her: "Your kids are like a video recorder with legs."

Take a minute to let that sink in. Your kids pick up on your moods, your emotions, your motivations. You can't tell them to do one thing or be one way when you don't live that way yourself. Do you complain about little things? Don't expect them not to complain. Do you treat others without respect? Don't expect them to be respectful. Do you use ugly language? Don't expect them not to.

Your kids are like a video recorder with legs

However, the converse is also true. Do you model respect? They will, too. Do you use loving words? You will hear those same words coming out of their little mouths. Do you pray about your life's circumstances? They will surprise you with the depth and innocence of their faith-filled prayers.

Just a couple of hours after hearing Angela's call this morning, a precious mom came into the store. A couple of months ago we sat in the back of my store praying for her unborn baby whom the doctors had told her to abort because of his chromosomal defect. They had told her he wouldn't live. But they had underestimated the power of God in her life. They had underestimated how fervently she, her husband and her children would pray for her unborn baby.

Trials are best handled with prayer

You see her little video recorders with legs have grown up knowing that trials are best handled with prayer. They have grown up seeing mom and dad trust God in difficult situations. And that is exactly how they have approached the situation with their little brother. He did survive! Although he does have some challenges that will be with him for life, his siblings thank the Lord daily for their baby brother. He will need open heart surgery when he is a little bigger; for now his big sister prays that God will "hold his broken heart together" until he has the surgery.

What  are your little video recorders with legs taking in as they watch you every day?

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