Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pro-Midwife Family Man Aims for Congress

By Amy Castor, Guest Blogger

Servant Leader with Integrity, Strong Convictions; an Innovative Thinker and Philosopher, Teacher, and Problem Solver. Those aren't exactly the words that might come to mind when you think of a politician....but wouldn't it be nice if that's how we described our elected leaders? Well, those words are what comes to mind when I think of my friend, Mark Bray, who is running for US Congress in AL, district 5 (all of N. AL). But we need to get 7,000 signatures by June 3rd just to get him on the ballot, so we can have a choice to vote for our next Representative instead of just being handed the same one automatically. (Read to the bottom to find out how you can sign and help). But first, let me tell you about him!

Long Term Friends

 He and his wife, Carmen, were what I call my first "adult" friends. We met when I was in college, and engaged to my husband, who was under Mark's training and leadership while working his first real job after college out at NASA. The Brays invited us into their lives and we had a great time getting to know them and their kids (actually met Cayla on her first day in the hospital) over meals,  Nintendo Wii games, diaper changes, and long discussions about politics, NASA, Miami Dolphins, and my favorite - the Bible and it's prophecies, particularly in Revelation and Daniel. As I listened to Mark teach, I knew he had a deep understanding of the way things work and could put pieces together to find unique solutions to issues that baffled me.
As I watched Carmen nurse her baby and raise her children, I have been inspired by the way she and Mark teach their kids (yeah, they homeschool), nurture their talents, and train them in what is right. I would say it probably inspired me to not be ashamed to breastfeed or homeschool.

Pro-Midwife, Pro-Life

Mark has also made it very clear he wants to support midwives and get them back in the birthing industry - on a national level. Midwives are so important to having healthy, happy, empowered births for mommies and babies.

Also worth noting is his wonderful stance (in my opinion) on women's rights and pro-life. It makes so much sense to me, but don't know I've heard this position before. This is from his website: 
"I am a pro-life Christian. I value life and I want to see our country support and nurture a culture of life. I am encouraged by the declining trend in the rate of abortion... I pledge to work with all who wish to see a continuance of this decline. If we are to continue reducing the number of abortions, we must improve reproductive education and the economic conditions for women. 
I am willing to consider every solution that will reduce the rate of abortion to virtually nonexistent, with only one exception. I will not support any law which makes them illegal. There are two reasons for this exception. First, I believe our Constitution protects personal liberty and the Federal government should not legislate restrictions on personal liberty. Second, I believe banning abortions will not prove effective without creating other unintended consequences. 
I believe we can work together to reduce the number of abortions without infringing on Constitutional protections..."

Come Meet Him Yourself

If you want to hear more from Mark Bray and his family, shake his hand, ask him a question, or tell him your concerns for our district, state, and/or nation, he would love to meet you this Friday the 18th from 4:30-8pm (light refreshments will be served) at501 Boulevard South, Hampton Inn Lobby, very near A Nurturing Moment - just North of it on the Parkway.
You can sign the petition to get Mark on the ballot then, but if you can't make it (I know it's Good Friday), feel free to stop by A Nurturing Moment - Glenni has some forms there where you can add your "John Hancock", or you can just print a petition from his website - it's the red button on the top right of every page - sign it and if you can fill up the page with 5 other registered voters you know, that would be a tremendous help! 
We are looking for more volunteers, so if you are as excited as me to get a real leader - not a career politician - in office, then contact us through the website so you can learn more!
Here's to new leadership bringing us solutions over stalemate, principles over politics, and vision over vindication!

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