Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Give A High 5 for ANM

One of the great groups to come out of ANM!
By Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

We love our mamas and babies. You are the reason we are here! Our passion is to help make the early days of parenting and breastfeeding your baby as easy as possible!

We have been through lots of changes over the years. Some of the business decisions we have made ended up hurting us more than helping us. However, our desire to provide the very best possible service to every one or our mamas has remained the same.

We Are a Community

One of the things that I love the most about A Nurturing Moment is that we have cultivated a real sense of community here. Our ANM family keeps growing as new parents connect with us and with each other and find ways to plug in. Whether it is Mommy Milk Meet-up, a cloth diapering class, an attachment parenting meet-up or a Rocket City Sling Swap get together, our families love to be with each other. Often we will have two or three moms just plan to meet here to hang out, catch up or even trade some diapers or handmade goodies.

Join the fun at Mom Prom!
Some of the moms in our community have really stepped into leadership positions with organizations that are dear to our heart. From ICAN to the North Alabama Cloth Diaper Bank, our ANM mamas are growing into amazing leaders and mentors for other moms. I am so proud of every one of our moms who has stepped out of her comfort zone to serve other mothers.

We Are Struggling

You may have noticed that we don't always have as much stock as we need - we may be low on cloth diapers or bras, for example. We try to manage the resources we've been given very wisely, but we do have some debt that is really hurting us. Our goal is to always pay our bills and still have money for plenty of inventory so you will have what you need any time you come in!

You Can Be Part of the Solution

Over the next couple of months we have some creative initiatives that will involve you! Later this summer you will have a chance to be part of the publication process for Glenni's book, The Creator's Guide to Infant Feeding. We will have some really exciting opportunities for you to be involved, maybe even have your baby's picture on the cover of the book!

Give a High 5 for ANM!
But for right now we have a really fun way you can help make a difference. Give A High 5 for ANM is a campaign that will allow you to have your child's hand print permanently placed on our wall! For a minimum donation of just $20 per hand print, you will be able to participate! We will apply paint to your child's hand, and let him give our wall a high 5! Then we will write his name and age right underneath it! Isn't that cool?

We will have two dates in June, two in July and two in August.
  • June 21 and 28 from 11-3
  • July 12 and 19 from 11-3
  • August 2 and 9 from 11 - 3
So make your plans now to be one of the very first to give a High 5 for ANM!!! Then share this post with 10 mommy friends who would love to have their child's hand print on our wall, too!

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