Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our July 4 Celebration

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC
Statue at Battery Park in Charleston
I'm taking a much-needed vacation this week with my family in Charleston, South Carolina. My husband and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage in this beautiful, historic jewel of the South. But I can never stop helping mamas and babies. In fact, today I had the privilege of talking to the sweet young woman at our hotel desk about a pumping plan and getting off to the best possible start breastfeeding her baby who is due in just 6 weeks!

I am so thankful for Sarah and Sathya who are manning the store in my absence! And Kelly Clements is offering back-up lactation services while I'm gone. What a blessing!! (of course I'm still taking calls and love helping you any way I can!!)

4th of July Plans

We have been open in the past for part of the day on July 4, but this year we are going to be closed on Friday. Sarah and Sathya need to spend the day with their families, and honestly, we usually are not very busy on the 4th.

Get this chair for UNDER $300!!

5th of July Sale!!

But the 5th of July we will be open with a very special sale! Check this out:
  • All Britax in the store will be 35% off
  • All Best Chairs on the floor will be 25% off (take an extra 5% off if you pay in full with a check)
  • Any Best Chair you order will be 10% off (take an extra 5% off if you pay in full with a check)
  • All infant clothing will be 35% off (not including diapers)
So come in Saturday ready to SAVE!!! While you're hear be sure to take a look at the gorgeous Rocket Quilt we are raffling on August 9!

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