Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Comfy Mommy, Cozy Baby

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC
In my breastfeeding classes, I tell expectant parents the only two pieces of furniture they really need for baby right away are a comfy nursing chair and a co-sleeper or bassinet right next to their bed.
What??? No CRIB???
 Nope, a crib isn't one of the early essentials...let's look at why:

A Cozy Place for Baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants sleep in the same room as their parents, but not in the same bed. They encourage parents to place the infant's bassinet or crib next to the parent's bed. The beauty of the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper is that it allows your baby to be in the recommended "separate but proximate" sleep environment, but baby is easily accessible for night feedings. Because the side on the co-sleeper drops, and the co-sleeper attaches securely to the parent's bed, it is the perfect place for baby. According to information from Arm's Reach, even with the millions of parents who have utilized their co-sleepers, no infant death attributable to SIDS has ever occurred.

Arm's Reach has both mini and standard options. The mini is more like a bassinet size which baby will outgrow more quickly. A bassinet or cradle next to the bed is also a good option, but not quite as convenient for Mom. Some parents actually do bring the crib into their room and put it next to the bed. That is another safe option.

The one place a parent must NEVER fall asleep with a baby is in a recliner or on a sofa. That is far more dangerous than any other infant sleep situation. This article by Dr. James McKenna does a great job of addressing infant sleep.

A Comfy Place for Mom

Much of Mom's time will be spent with baby snuggled at the breast nursing. In the early days, some moms do nurse sitting in bed, but that can get uncomfortable after a while. A comfy sofa or loveseat is certainly an option. But many mothers want a special chair in baby's room or in their own bedroom where they can comfortably establish a successful breastfeeding relationship. When I was nursing my babies I had a Bentwood rocker. It was nice, but honestly, I was more comfortable on our loveseat. However, when I inherited my grandfather's La-Z-Boy recliner, I found my nursing home!

Today's moms want both comfort and style. The Best Chairs Storytime Series offers both! Whether you want a traditional wooden glider or prefer a more modern swivel glider or even a recliner that swivels and glides, they have what you're looking for! You can even go to their design center and build the chair of your dreams. Because all their products are made in the USA, you know that you're getting real quality. I love the way they stand behind their chairs!

Make sure you pick a chair that is a comfortable height for you. You may find that a nursing stool is a nice addition. You want to be sure that you have room for pillows to support your baby in either a cradle or a football hold. You need to be able to sit back comfortably and be well supported.  The beauty of a swivel glider is that it allows you to turn in all directions. That can be a life saver if you happen to have a busy toddler running around while you nurse your new baby.

The nice thing about a recliner is that it is ideal for laid back breastfeeding. This natural position works well for many mothers and babies, and can be especially comfortable following a C-Section. Of course it is critically important NOT to fall asleep with baby in the chair. If you feel very drowsy, you will be much safer nursing in your bed than in your chair. Middle of the night feedings in particular are probably safer in the bed.

We Want to Help You Get What You Need

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