Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dave Ramsey Envelope System Wallet Makes Budgeting Easy

by Meaghan Damron, Guest Blogger

Budgeting, finances, debt, Oh My!  If you’re anything like me, those words can generate stress, anxiety, confusion and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  They can even become a major source of conflict in a marriage.  In a world of easy access credit, swiping even a debit card has become effortless and seemingly pain-free.  Until the bill arrives!

Enter Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University envelope budgeting system.  I highly recommend researching this system, reading his book and taking a class to fully equip yourself with the knowledge and a plan to get your finances in order.  I am not a spokesperson for him, and am FAR from a budgeting expert (just ask my husband), but I have seen so many people freed from the chains of debt by following his instructions.

I will give you the reader’s digest version, and then tell you a little about a product that can help!
Dave Ramsey emphasizes paying cash for everything, and uses envelopes to divide that money into categories for spending.  My parents used this system for bill paying and spending money, and today my husband and I use it to organize our “discretionary dollars”.   However, the envelopes can become a hassle when you are out shopping, and as I used them, they began to tear and get beat up.  I carried 6 large white envelopes in an even larger manila folder when we first used this system.  On top of that, I needed my other wallet for my checkbook, IDs, driver’s license, etc.  I was always afraid I would lose something…Not to mention I looked like a complete mess trying to pay for anything!

Mompreneur Finds a Solution!

I’m a sewer and am always looking for a new project.   After playing around with some ideas of my own, I found a great pattern on Etsy for creating a wallet that contains divided fabric envelopes and knew I had to try it.  Thank you to “thecolorfulchicken."

This wallet has EVERYTHING you need to stay organized and on budget, while maintaining style.  It features 4 card slots, 2 large pockets where I keep my checkbook and receipts, 6 labeled “envelopes,” and a zipper pocket.  The envelopes have a plastic slot and empty label so you can make the categories your own.  For example, our budget splits the cash into groceries, out to eat money, household needs, kids needs/spending money, date night money, and my spending or “mad” money.  Yours may be the same, or completely different!  Find what works best for you and your family.
The envelopes also make great coupon organizers if this cash system is not for you.

I am so thrilled that Glenni has allowed me to sell these at A Nurturing Moment.  I make each one unique, and spend time creating a one of a kind piece that you will love.  Feel free to contact me if there is something specific I can do for you!
Happy Saving!

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