Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We Can Help You Get Your Breastpump Through Insurance!

The Spectra S2 is a top quality double electric pump.
 by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

A Nurturing Moment is excited to announce our new partnership with Aeroflow Medical Supply which will allow us to help you get the breastpump of your choice through insurance. One frustration that many mothers have expressed to me is that their insurance would only provide one brand of pump. For many of you, we will be able to change that!

We are able to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United HealthCare, TriCare, and Aetna. Those who have the Federal BCBS plans will still need to go through Caremark to get a pump. Currently, most plans do have some degree of coverage for your breast pump. Some plans require that you meet a deductible first. Others only cover a percentage .  Some policies require you to wait until the last month of pregnancy to get a pump. Other policies allow you to get it earlier in your pregnancy. Each plan is different. That's why the specialists at Aeroflow are experts at helping you figure out exactly what your insurance will cover and when you can receive your pump.
Many mothers trust the Medela Pump In Style.

To find out exactly what you qualify for, bring your insurance card and prescription to us or scan and email them to anm@knology.net. We will have you fill out a form with your basic information, and we will enter your information via our portal. As soon as we receive an answer, we will contact you. You may choose to pick up your pump here if we have it available or it can be shipped directly to your house.

If your insurance will cover a hospital grade pump,
we can help you out.

Need to Rent a Hospital Grade Pump?

We also work closely with Heart Sail, another terrific company, to help families who need a hospital grade pump that is covered by insurance. In certain situations, insurers will actually cover the rental of a hospital grade pump. Nick at Heart Sail can work with you to figure out what your coverage is through Blue Cross Blue Shield or TriCare.

Don't let the ins and outs of getting your pump through insurance overwhelm you. We are here to help and look forward to serving you!

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