Sunday, April 16, 2017

I Celebrate Resurrection Sunday

There is irrefutable proof of the resurrection.
By Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

A grieving mother watched her Son die in the most horrific way some 2000 years ago. She couldn't begin to reconcile what she knew to be true about her Son with what had just happened. Now she was gathered with His closest friends as they all wondered what would happen to them. It is early on the Sunday morning after He was killed. Two nights have passed, and this is the dawning of the third day.

Suddenly she hears a commotion. Peter, one of her Son's closest friends, is saying her Son is alive. That's impossible. She saw Him die. But then her friend Mary from Magdala confirms it, and everything begins to make sense. The angel's prophecy before He was born, His teachings about the all falls into place. She had always known that He was the Son of God. She of all people knew the truth about His holy conception. Now she begins to understand more fully the incredible depth of God the Father's love for mankind. He had sent His Son, allowed her to carry Him, to nurse Him, to teach Him, to love Him in a way that no one else ever would. Then He had allowed that beloved Son to make the ultimate sacrifice and do what no one else ever could, conquer Death once and for all.

That is the reason I refer to today as Resurrection Sunday. The word Easter has nothing to do with my Savior. Today is about the fact that He conquered death, that in so doing, He made a way for me to also live eternally, and that He will come again (regardless of whether I believe it or not.) Today is about His Resurrection! The historical fact of Jesus' life, death and resurrection fills me with hope. It is the reason I am the person I am. So today I celebrate Resurrection Sunday, and I invite you to celebrate with me❤

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