Sunday, May 21, 2017

Attachment Parenting Produced an Amazing Graduate

Last year in Colombia
by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

This has been a very special week in our family's life. My baby graduated from high school (for the second time) Friday night. His first graduation happened last year in Cali, Colombia, where he had spent his junior year. In Cali they only have 11 years of school, so he graduated with his eleventh grade class there and received a special honor because of his outstanding grades and his contributions to the school despite everything being in Spanish. By the time we went to Cali last year to see him graduate, he was completely fluent in Spanish.

But he wanted to come back to his school here, Westminster Christian Academy, to finish his senior year. He took 3 Advanced Placement courses this year and continued his habit of making straight A's, graduating with a 4.2 GPA. He has known since he was 12 that he wanted to serve his country as a military aviator. This year he applied to Annapolis, applied for a Navy ROTC scholarship and actually enlisted as a Navy Nuke! We were overjoyed when he received the NROTC scholarship to Auburn University where he will study Aerospace Engineering. Thursday afternoon at the awards ceremony two US Navy officers and the recruiter who has worked closely with John Carl all year presented him with a huge check representing his scholarship.
John's Navy ROTC Scholarship

John Carl is a product of Attachment Parenting. He nursed until he was two and a half. He slept with us as a baby and toddler. He was a product of gentle discipline, and always had a deep desire to please us. We were asked to write a letter to be given him at senior breakfast. I want to share with you what we wrote.

Our precious, amazing son,

It is such a privilege to be your parents. You have brought so much joy and love into this family, and each family member has been touched by you in different ways. You have a strong relationship with each of your siblings, and Dad and I both really enjoy just being with you, too. From the time you were just a baby, you have always been a truly delightful person to be around.

I remember taking you to Nido when you were just three years old. You loved stopping by the panaderia on the corner to grab a special treat. Everybody loved seeing you come by! You were such a precious little caballero (NOT caballo)! Then you started Pre-K at Westminster, and everybody just loved you. You may actually be the only student who has been at Evangel, M&M, North Hills and Brockway campuses! From the earliest days at Westminster you excelled in everything. You wanted to do well; I think it was important to you that we were proud of you, but I also think you had an inner drive to succeed!
John's Spirit of Auburn Scholarship

When it came to sports, you never held back even a tiny bit. I wonder how many students have actually been forbidden to play football and soccer at recess?? You may have been a bit small for your age, but you were the most aggressive athlete out there many times! You allowed sports to shape you into a keen competitor who is fit both physically and mentally for the many challenges that lie ahead. I think now you can see that the many years of sports weren’t about winning or losing. Rather, they were about helping you become the man you are today.

I remember when you were 12 and told us you were going to be a military pilot and study aerospace engineering. You never wavered in your determination to pursue a military career, even going to the point of actually enlisting. The night you got word that you were awarded your NROTC scholarship was one of the happiest moments of my life! We would have been proud of you as a Nuke, but we are so thankful you can go in as an officer doing what you really want to do!

I will never forget the day we were walking around Colegio Americano and you told me you wanted to spend your junior year there. Letting you go to Cali last year was one of the hardest things we have ever done in our life. But we didn’t have a choice because the same God that was speaking to your heart was speaking to our hearts as well. We were so proud of you at graduation last year. You had grown so much during that year in so many ways.  Your accomplishments at Colegio Americano still amaze us, and we are so thankful that you had that life-changing experience.

We are so proud of our Honor graduate!
For many people, the high school years are the best time of their life. Not you! For many people, college is the best time of their life. Not you! The best time of your life will be the day that you are living today in the presence of your Savior. As you look back on your life when you are our age, may you see a lifetime that is full of God’s richest blessings, a lifetime that has been spent serving Christ and serving others, a lifetime that has made a difference in this world.  Cling to Christ like a shipwrecked sailor clings to his raft. Hold tight to Him in the bad times, but especially in the good times!

Son, we love you more than words could ever begin to express, and our hearts are bursting with pride as we see you graduate today. Last year’s graduation was just a prelude to this year’s. And tonight’s graduation is but a prelude to the rest of your life!

Mom and Dad


  1. Glenny, I feel blessed to have been part of your lives when you were here in Lima. I saw you pregnant of this beautiful boy and then, his first days. I do remember him dressed in a white and blue romper so tiny and fragile. Then, you helping me during my God! So many beautiful memories.
    God has blessed you and I am happy for you all. An amazing boy-two amazing parents one amazing family.
    Love you all...

    1. Thank you so much!! The memories of Lima are so precious!

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