Monday, May 28, 2012

ANM Postpartum Support

Recently we polled moms about their greatest need after the baby came home. The most common reponses were help with meals, cleaning, older children and breastfeeding support. Several needed someone to hold the baby so they could get a shower or get the rest they needed. If you have family living close by, you have a built-in support network, but in a city as transient as Huntsville, many people don't have any family nearby at all.

Over the last several years we've often had requests from moms for postpartum doula referrals. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of people willing to provide this service. We do have one local mom who is currently certifying as a postpartum doula, and that's great news. However, we've decided that due to the demand for this service, we would start ANM postpartum support! 

Melissa Florence and Glenni Lorick are both International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who will come to your home and provide all the support and provide all the support and help you need! Our services include the following:
  • Professional breastfeeding support (including the use of a hospital-grade pump when we’re present)
  • Instruction in and help with infant care
  • Assistance with multiples
  • Aid with maternal post-partum care
We will be  in your home and willing to help in any way we can as you adjust to life with a new baby. You can choose a package of 12, 26, 40, 58 or 80 hours, or you can pay by the hour.  The hours may be split up according to your needs over the first 8 weeks of your baby's life.  We will be with you for 3 - 8 hours at a time - you decide what you need and what will work the best for you.  

Whether you're a first time mom or you already have several children, you'll be so thankful for the personalized support that we provide. Best of all, you can actually put this on your gift registry and have your friends and co-workers give you ANM Postpartum Support as a present. It's a gift you will appreciate long after the early post-partum period is past!

Give us a call today at 256-489-2590 and mention this blog post for a 10% introductory discount!


  1. I wish you guys started this a year ago!! it's a great idea. Even with family in the area, people still have to come to work. we searched for this service but didn't find it in our area when Lizzie was born!!

  2. this is a great service, wish I had this with any one of mine. I will be sure to recommend this to friends who are expecting.

  3. I'm working on my postpartum doula certification. This program is awesome and exciting!!!! SO many women around here need postpartum help.

  4. Have you published your prices for the 12, 26, 40, 58 or 80 hours packages? Very interested!

    1. Call the store at 256-489-2590 for pricing and more details.