Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mama's Day

Mama is an interesting word. It actually comes from Latin and means breast. Isn't it interesting that when we talk about mothers, one of the most familiar words we can use is a word that refers to the way a woman feeds her baby? Ask anybody what qualities a good mother should have, and the word "nurturing" will appear somewhere in the answer. Mothers nurture their children physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For nine months a mother's body provides a safe place for baby to grow and develop. She is careful to care for him and nurture the life growing inside of her. As soon as that precious little one is born, she can continue nurturing him by providing the perfect food designed just for him. No formula envisioned or engineered by man can begin to provide the plethora of antibodies, antigens, enzymes, long-chain fatty acids, minerals and proteins that breastmilk contains.

Ideally for the first six months of baby's life, mom's milk will be his only source of nutrition, helping him grow into a chubby, smiling bundle of giggles. For the rest of his first year, his primary soruce of nutrition will still be his mother's milk. Many mothers choose to continue providing the nurture that only a mother can give at her breast well into toddlerhood or beyond.

Nobody can comfort, protect, encourage and edify a child the way that his mother can. Somehow with his head snuggled up against mother's breasts, everything is okay, and the world is a safe place for the time being. When a mother invests time and energy into her child's emotional development, he will have a strong foundation for facing whatever storms may come his way in life. The time you spend today playing with your toddler, reading to your preschooler, doing homework with your child, listening to him tell you about his day, encouraging his dreams and aspirations will pay rich dividends in the future.

Every child has a natural wonder and curiosity about the world around him. Mothers have the incredible privilege of introducing their impressionable children to the spiritual world all around us. Nobody has more of an impact on a young child than his mother. In the Bible, Moses' mother served as his nurse and taught him the rich history of the Jewish people and their God. Once he was weaned, he was brought up in Pharoah's house as a prince. However, he never forgot those lessons he learned at his mother's breast.

So to all mothers I say "Happy Mama's Day."  Keep up the good nurturing!

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