Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Long Do You Plan to Nurse That Baby????

Photo from Breastfeeding Moms Unite
A while back we posted  about extended breastfeeding and how greatly it can benefit your child. A few weeks back on our Facebook page, we asked our ANM moms how they would respond to the following question:
Someone says, "How long do you plan to nurse that baby???" You say......
We received some terrific responses and hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did! We have categorized them so you can choose whether you want to simply respond, try to educate or go for the all-out reaction!

Basic "Until" Responses

  • Until he's weaned himself, whenever that may be.
  • Until she's 1 and probably more.
  • Until she doesn't want to anymore.
  • Until the kid can talk about it.
  • Until i get pregnant with the next one.
  • Until he sleeps through the night

Educational Responses

  • Whenever it no longer works for us, at least a year!
  • Ideally a year and then till one or both of us want to stop.
  • Until he decides he is ready to stop!  This is not my choice, it is my son's.  I'm happy with whatever he decides!
  • Two Years! (minimum)
  • Well, since her immune system is not fully developed until age 2...that is my goal. After that it's up to her!
  • I always just say when we both decide that it is time to quit. This has been a team effort so it will be a team decision.

In Your Face Responses

  • I just say I don't know, in a flippant tone like its the dumbest question I've ever heard.
  • I'd say, "That's none of your business," and kindly turn away.....
  • Until you stop asking nosy questions!
  • Just about long enough to make you uncomfortable and then probably longer.
  • Until he decides to stop. If it offends you...cover your eyes.
  • As long as it takes!
  • Until she's done.
  • "Oh... About 5 more minutes." They always look confused and walk away.....
  •  Just to joke with them and aggravate them I'll say," Just another ten minutes!"
  •  I look at my watch (or phone)... "Probably another 15-20 minutes." Stupid questions don't deserve a serious answer.
  • Till he stops!!
  • Photo from Birth by Design Midwifery Service
  • I just give them a polite stare and let the silence drag on till they are uncomfortable and wish they hadn't asked.

Outrageous Responses (Guaranteed to get a response!)

  • Until my husband's milk comes in...
  • She will be weaned before she goes to college! That comment earns an eye roll or a laugh and prevents further questions!
  • I figure I'll wait until he graduates college.
  • Until she qualifies for AARP. What's it to you?
  • Until he looks at me and says "Mom, we need to start seeing other people."
  • Until she moves out. We're trying to cut back on our food budget.
The next time somebody gives you a hard time about extended breastfeeding, decide whether you want to educate, antagonize or get a laugh, and choose your response accordingly! Do you have a favorite response? Take just a minute to share it here!

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