Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breastfeeding in a Word

From Tips on Breastfeeding
I asked our ANM moms what one word they would use to describe breastfeeding. The response was varied and interesting. They ranged from "awesome" and "empowering" to "nipple-shredding." One male respondent  actually said "gross." I'm guessing he didn't have a wife who gave his baby the amazing gift of mother's milk! I've divided the responses into several categories.

Practical Benefits of Breastfeeding

"Convenient" and "free" are both very practical benefits of breastfeeding. Of course, it is "natural" and "nurturing,"  and leads to an amazing "connection" between mom and baby. But it is also "relaxing." Some moms feel that breastfeeding is "easy, " while others would say it is "difficult." However, only a nursing mom can truly say that the privilege of feeding her baby is all "mine."


First and foremost, breastfeeding is a "choice." The reality is that for some mothers, breastfeeding doesn't get off to an idealistic start; for some it is "challenging." One mother called it "painful," while another described it as "(painful) bonding."  Moms recognize that it requires "commitment," "dedication," and "perseverance." One dad pointed out that it can leave mom "peaked." Then, of course, we have the punny mom who points out that breastfeeding "sucks"!

Sweet Responses

Breastfeeding your baby really is "mothering" at its best; it is truly an act of "love." Baby gets the perfect "entree"! Responses like "contentment," "rewarding," "loving,"  "blessing," "peaceful," "enlightening," "wonderful," "beautiful," "amazing," point out the warm feelings that breastfeeding engenders in many women. It is "comforting - for mom and baby," and leads to an incredible "bond." Another benefit of nursing your baby  is the sweet "snuggles."   

The way our bodies provide milk is a "miracle." One mom asked, "How can I describe it in only word????" Another mom actually made up a new word to describe this "indescribable" experience: "amazeballs"! 

All in all, most of our moms agree that breast is "best"!  

What words would you add to this list??

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