Monday, July 29, 2013

My Birthday Verse

My lunch-time view at the Marriott World Resort in Orlando!
I've just returned from an absolutely incredible weekend of training, encouragement and fellowship with some of the most positive people I've ever met. Many of you know that I work with an amazing program that is committed to providing value, saving people money, and allowing them a vehicle to achieve their dreams. One of the things that most impresses me at every convention I attend is the emphasis on faith by so many of the speakers, and the multiple expressions of thankfulness to God from person after person crossing the stage. The culture of this company from the President/CEO down is one of faith and thankfulness. I love that!

Yesterday people who had achieved the distinction of helping 4 other people make at least $4500 were recognized and each shared a nugget of wisdom. One lady from Virginia made mention in passing of her "birthday verse” as having been a guiding force in her journey. She explained that she was born on September 16, and God had used Exodus 9:16 to encourage and motivate her.

Me with my dear friend, Anita Eno who tried to show me
this business 7 years ago, but I wasn't smart enough to listen.
I was intrigued. My birthday is December 13, so I began searching the Bible for every book that had a verse 13 in the twelfth chapter. There were several good ones, but nothing really hit me between the eyes until I happened upon Romans 12:13, “Share with God’s people in need. Practice hospitality.” WOW!!!! I couldn't believe that I found a verse that so perfectly describes what I want to do and who I want to be! And I couldn't believe how aptly this verse unites the various parts of my life into one common thread that I fervently desire to see woven into every fiber of my being. 

I began to think of the various ways that I can fulfill that verse and came up with the following ways I can share.

Sharing Knowledge
The field in which I am most knowledgeable, of course, is breastfeeding. It delights me when I am able to help a mother who is in despair be able to nurse her baby successfully. Because I do want to keep A Nurturing Moment afloat, I charge a fee, but if a mom can’t afford to pay that fee, it doesn't matter. I still love helping her. My motivation isn't money; rather it is the joy of seeing a mother happily nursing her baby, especially when she was struggling to do so before we met.  
Each of us has a gift or ability that we've been given. When we use that gift to share with others who need it, it is the richest blessing imaginable. As I watch various mothers whom I've gotten to know over the years use their talents to help others, I am so honored to be a part of their lives.

Sharing Practical Necessities
Every breastfeeding mother needs nursing bras, but some are hard-pressed to be able to afford them. That’s why we began our Bosom Buddiesproject which provides gently used nursing bras to mothers on the WIC food assistance program. Any time a mom donates bras to the program, we offer her a discount on her in-store purchases that day.

One of our ANM moms, Sarah Bailey, is coordinating a wonderful program called Share the Love which provides cloth diapers to families who must choose between buying diapers and buying food. We are thrilled to be a drop-off location for this amazing program!

Sharing Hospitality
At A Nurturing Moment we love to have moms drop by to hang out, nurse their babies and visit
We love having moms hang out at A Nurturing Moment!

with each other. We offer comfy chairs, nursing pillows, nursing stools and bottles of cold water to our guests (if we ever fail to offer you something, don’t hesitate to ask for it!) In our final “dream” location, we will have a much larger nursing area/ classroom/ playroom/ internet cafĂ© where you will be able to hang out, meet friends and even get healthy snacks! It does my heart good to hear moms enjoying each other’s company, building friendships, and encouraging each other as they nurse their babies together!

Sharing Hope
I often see new moms who are simply distraught and overwhelmed. Our Nurturing Moment family has a very special way of reaching out to and helping each other. You can’t begin to know how proud I am of each one of you who takes a few moments to share hope with another mom. Whether it’s through a Facebook comment, a phone call, or even just a quick (or not so quick) word of encouragement to a new friend you've just met in the store, you shine a ray a hope into the life of a mom who may be truly despondent. Thank you for creating a culture around A Nurturing Moment that shares hope.
Share with God's People in Need. Practice Hospitality
Sharing a Plan for the Future
When I have a mom sitting in front of me wiping away the tears as she talks about returning to work and leaving her baby, my heart just breaks. Sometimes I will mention in passing that I’m part of a company that can help them create a substantial income. But let’s face it, the truth is, I don’t ever want to offend or turn off a customer. I do pray each morning for God to show me who needs to hear about this opportunity, and there are certainly some of you I've shared with because I just knew I was supposed to.

However, after seeing so many people this weekend whose lives God has changed through this company, so many moms who are now able to be home with their children, I just want to make sure that you understand my heart.  I am willing to give 100% to help you be successful in building a business that will allow you to save a lot of money, but enable you to make more than you ever imagined possible if you’re willing to work. It is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Honestly, anything worth doing requires time, energy and commitment. Nevertheless, I promise you that there is no product to sell, no kind of quota and never any pressure….just me and my desire to “Share with God’s people in need.”


  1. Awesome post! You inspire many of us! Rocket City Sling Swap is helping in this same spirit to help any parent learn to baby wear. Families share carriers, and the group is building a lending library. I am working hard to make sure this group remains free for those wanting to participate!!

  2. Sarah, you are one of the moms I was thinking about when I said how proud I am of our ANM mamas! Thanks for all you do to help others!!