Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nancie's Tribute

Having Nancie at the store is lots of fun! Here
she is trying to figure out what this is used for.
If you've been in the store in the last few months, you may have met my sweet friend, Nancie Oughton. I've known Nancie for close to ten years. I taught her older two daughters at Westminster Christian Academy. They were about the same age as my oldest daughter and were friends. When my daughter had some struggles, Nancie's oldest daughter Jessica was there for her and loved her through them. In 2006 Jessica was killed in an automobile accident. I remember sobbing when I heard the news, then sitting down at my computer to express my grief in a poem which I gave to Nancie the next day. I tried to be there for Nancie during that horrible time, then we didn't see each other for a while, but would run into each other from time to time and spend an hour catching up!

She finally figured it out!!
About seven months ago, Nancie's first grandson was
born, and she brought her daughter Kellie and baby Noah in to see me.  It was wonderful to reconnect with Nancie and Kellie. Over the next few weeks they were in the store quite a bit, and before long, Nancie had volunteered to help with my bookkeeping (she had no idea what a huge task she was taking on)!

It has been such a blessing to deepen our friendship. I truly love having Nancy around and appreciate her more than words can express! On Saturday at Babypalooza, Kellie brought me this poem that Nancie had written. I can't begin to tell you how precious it is to me, and I wanted to share it with all of you!

A Nurturing Moment
by Nancie Oughton

Breastfeeding Support is needed by many
So let me tell you about my friend Glenni.

A heart of gold – soft spoken and sweet
To be in her presence is such a treat

She helps nurture your young ones (no matter how old)
With love so sincere, she will nourish your soul .

Her passion in life is breastfeeding success
So she shares her knowledge with all in distress.

Small problems are huge when a baby is new,
Ms Glenni goes non-stop to help get you thru

And when frustrations bring on the tears,
Her cheery voice will calm your fears.

Now if your baby hasn’t arrived just yet,
She offers some classes – to help you not fret.

She comes with some letters right after her name.
IBCLC means she’s the best at her game.

The nursing mom and baby are quite a big deal,
But daddies and siblings , their hearts she will steal.

She has a cute store you must stop by to see,
You’ll find Babies and boobies and bum care aplenty.

Shop for a gift or get a new bra, (you know you need more)
check out the diapers and browse thru the store.

When life overwhelms , you feel you can’t take no more,
Just load up the kids and head to her store.

Come in - sit in a comfy chair and give it a rest
This moment in time is when Glenni’s the best.

The very best part of that “drop in” will be –
Visiting Ms Glenni of course!!! You will see.

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