Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Love Doctors Who Refer to IBCLC's!

The amazing doctoras from Lima who first became IBCLC's.
During the 17 years I've been an IBCLC I've had the privilege of knowing some amazing pediatricians. When we were serving as missionaries in Peru, I was very blessed to know Dra. Sicilia Bellomo, Dra. Milagros Raffo, and Dra. Sara Vega. (In Spanish if the doctor is a female, she's a "doctora.") Each of these amazing pediatricians became IBCLC's during our time in Peru, and I felt so honored to know them and be able to refer mothers to them.

Since we've been back in Huntsville and I've been with A Nurturing Moment, I have discovered that we have many amazing pediatricians here, as well. When a pediatrician or family practitioner recognizes that a baby has a breastfeeding problem he or she isn't equipped to solve, sometimes they just recommend formula. as a quick fix. However, there are some outstanding doctors who are very quick to recommend seeing an IBCLC for professional breastfeeding support, and very slow to recommend formula.
We appreciate the doctors at Cornerstone Pediatrics who refer moms to us.

Yesterday morning I received two calls from the same doctor at Cornerstone Pediatrics asking us to see two different patients.We were able to see both the same day. The first mother just wasn't making enough milk. The doctor had recommended that she see me and try to get breastfeeding fixed before starting formula. Honestly, in this situation many physicians would have wanted the baby on supplements immediately. But he was more concerned about the breastfeeding getting fixed. After I worked with the mother, the doctor and I agreed that she did need to supplement some at the breast to help baby suck more effectively. I was so impressed, however, that he really wanted this mother and baby to breastfeed well!

We were delighted that Huntsville Pediatric Associates actually hired an IBCLC as part of their staff. There are other doctors who refer patients to us from time to time, but we have very regular referrals from Cornerstone. I've  even had Dr. Michael Powell call me about a specific patient. That tells us that these are practices who are truly concerned about their patients breastfeeding successfully. When you are looking for a physician for your baby, be sure to ask how they handle breastfeeding problems. If they aren't quick to refer to an IBCLC, you just might need to look for a different doctor!

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