Friday, December 27, 2013

We Have One Month to Get a Breastfeeding Stamp!

One of our moms created a new petition for a breastfeeding stamp! Apparently the last attempt fell short of the 100,000 votes needed. The petition was just created today, so we have ONE MONTH to get the needed signatures so that the White House will at least know that this is an important issue to a large segment of Americans.

Many other countries have beautiful stamps representing breastfeeding. This beautiful stamp from Luxembourg honoring World Breastfeeding Week in 2003 is just one of many from around the world.

Nicaragua is another country that has a beautiful stamp depicting the loving bond between a mother and her breastfeeding child.

It's time for the United States to jump on board. So PLEASE do two things immediately!!
First, go to the petition and sign it!!
Next share it via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, any blog you might have. We need to get the word out quickly to get 100,000 votes in a month. There's no reason this can't go viral! YOU can make it happen!

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