Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wool Nursing Pads Provide Breathable Solution

One of my favorite companies is Babee Greens.  Recently my friend Tia, who owns Babee Greens included a set of wool breast pads in an order she sent me. I honestly didn't think moms would like wool nursing pads because I figured they would be rough and scratchy. Boy was I wrong!

These pads are made of the softest imaginable Merino Wool which is Oeko Tex 100 certified. The two layer pads offer the extreme absorbancy of wool as well as wool's natural breathability.  

I decided the best thing to do would be to give them to a new mom to try. I've known Aimee Park for several years, and I knew she would give me a good, honest, straightforward evaluation. I figured if they passed muster with Aimee, they were probably worth bringing into the store!

Just this week, I received Aimee's review:

I LOVE these nursing pads! I was not sure what to expect, but I did think that they would be really scratchy. I was wrong. They are so soft and feel really good against my skin. They are really absorbent and allow my skin to breathe. A huge plus is that you don’t have to wash them all the time. You can just let them dry out and then use them again (a big deal for busy mommies). They are bigger than some regular nursing pads and have a dart that allows them to conform to your shape. I would definitely recommend these to other nursing mommies!

I really do love these pads! Please let me know when you get some more in. I would like to get another pair.
Thank you very much!

Fortunately, we do have more in now, and Aimee got a second pair just today. But there are plenty left for you! So come on by and get what may be the best nursing pad you'll ever own!

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