Friday, January 10, 2014

Awesome Jewelry and Used Diapers

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC
I thought that title would get your attention!!

Your gently used diapers will be a
blessing to a mom in need.
The MOM Foundation  was able to do some amazing things last year, like provide over $1700 in breastfeeding support to moms who wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. We also provided 32 nursing bras to mothers in the WIC program. This year we are excited about expanding our support for North Alabama families.

Today I met with a steering committee that is creating a cloth diaper bank for North Alabama as a project of the MOM Foundation. We already have a very active Share the Love chapter here in Huntsville. Our goal is to work hand in hand with them and complement the incredible work that Share the Love is already doing. Because of some of the limitations on the national program, there are some diapers that Share the Love can't accept. But our local cloth diaper bank doesn't have those restrictions! If you have cloth diapers that you are no longer using, we have a donation bucket at A Nurturing Moment where we can receive those diapers. We also have an incredible team of moms who volunteer to sort them and repair elastic, aplix and snaps so that the moms receiving the donated diapers get the best diapers possible!

We Need a NAME!!

We just have one problem, we don't have a name for this project yet! That's where you come in! We want YOUR suggestions for a name. Here's how it works: Leave your suggestion for a name in the comments. Next Friday the steering committee will pick a name from your suggestions! The person who offers the winning name will receive a $25 gift certificate to A Nurturing Moment.
Submit the winning name and you will 
Win a $25 gift certificate to ANM!!

MOM Foundation Fund-Raiser

Jennifer Blanshan of Premier Designs Jewelry is doing a fundraiser for the MOM Foundation. You can be
involved in several ways.
  1. Go to Jennifer's site online and use the access code BLING to view all the catalogs online. You can fill out an order form at A Nurturing Moment and leave your payment any time between now and the 18th.
  2. Come into ANM and take a look at the catalog. We have several mini-catalogs you can even take with you!
  3. Come to the party on Jan. 18th at noon. We will learn some really cool things to do with scarves and have a great time playing with cool jewelry!
Win Free Jewelry!!!! -  At the end of the party there will be a drawing, and the winner will receive 20% of the day's sales in FREE JEWELRY!! You can win tickets for the drawing for each pre-order you bring with you and each guest you bring. You also get tickets for attending and making a purchase. If you decide to book your OWN party, you get 5 tickets! If you do decide you want to host a show, 10% of your proceeds will go toward The MOM Foundation!

All the jewelry will be delivered to A Nurturing Moment 2-3 weeks after the show, and you can pick it up here!

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