Sunday, December 11, 2011

Helping Low- Income Moms is Our Passion!

A Nurturing Moment exists to provide information, support and encouragement for hopeful, expectant  and new parents. We love helping new mothers successfully breastfeed their babies. But we have a particular passion for low-income and teen moms through our non-profit sister organization, the MOM Foundation. While all babies will benefit from breastfeeding, babies born to mothers living in poverty and to teen moms desperately need the specific advantages inherent to mother's milk.

We currently have several projects that are designed to support this particular group of moms and babies.

  1. Bosom Buddies - this project provides gently used nursing bras to mothers who receive WIC benefits. We measure the mothers who come to us, and search through our boxes of donated nursing bras to find them two bras that will work perfectly for them. Sometimes we don't have the right size, but we really try to find something.
  2. Sliding Scale Lactation Consultations - The normal fee for a lactation consultation at A Nurturing Moment is $60. We spend as much time as it takes with each mother to resolve whatever problems she and her baby are having. Some mothers just aren't able to pay that amount. So we offer a sliding-scale where mothers pay between between $10 and $60. We tell them that they can name the amount, and we don't ask any questions about financial status. The only reason we feel it necessary to ask for a $10 fee is because we have learned the hard way that when a consult is free, many times the mothers don't take our recommendations as seriously as they do when they pay a little bit for it. Occasionally, however, we do have a mother for whom $10 is a hardship, and we still provide her the help she needs.
  3. Book Project - We want to purchase enough copies of Why Should I Nurse My Baby? by Pamela Wiggins so that every uninsured or Medicaid mother in Madison Copy can receive a copy.
  4.  Breastfeeding Education and Support for Moms in Public Housing - We are currently planning a Baby Day kick-off event at the Oscar Mason Center. We will begin offering a support program for mothers in public housing. They will receive instruction in breastfeeding, infant massage and baby sign language, and will have the opportunity to attend weekly meetings with other moms.
We are so thankful for our ANM family. We have seen your generosity in so many ways. As we approach Christmas, we're sharing some ways that you can share the Christmas spirit with North Alabama moms and babies.
  • We always need gently used nursing bras. We'll even give you a discount on your purchase when you bring them in. Save 5% for one, 10% for 2 and 15% for 3 or more. And our Christmas gift to  you is that for the month of December, this will be added to any other savings you may be receiving!''
  • The MOM Foundation is looking for both individual and corporate sponsors to help subsidize the work we do with low-income mothers. If you know of someone who needs an end-of-the-year tax deduction, we can help since we are a 501 (c)3. 
  • We have created a causes page on Facebook. You can help us get the word out by sharing it with everyone you know.
  • Glenni's birthday is coming up, and she's created a very special birthday wish. A gift of any amount will help make a difference for a low-income mom and baby!

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