Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Say Good-bye to Drab Hospital Gowns!

Giving birth is a really big deal! You plan and prepare for it for months; you might even have a detailed birth plan! Then the long-awaited day finally arrives. If you're having a hospital birth, you check in and change into...that HIDEOUS hospital gown! But you don't have to do that!!

Today's moms have some amazing options that are both stylish and comfortable. The first option is the Gownie by Baby Be Mine. This stylish cotton gown snaps down the back for easy access and also snaps right below each shoulder to allow access for exams and breastfeeding. They come in three sizes, S-M, L-XL, and XL-XXL.

We've had moms get baby's name or initials monogrammed on the front of their gownie. Mothers who have a C-Section find that the Gownie makes a very comfortable gown to wear during the recovery period.

Another terrific option for today's mother is the Birthing Gown by BG DesignWear for HealthCare. These heavenly soft gowns are designed to wrap around mother so that one size fits most moms. The back opens easily for epidural access if necessary. The velcro at the shoulders allows for incredible skin-to-skin contact and very easy breastfeeding.

This gown is so much more than just a birthing gown. It is a wonderful nursing gown. In fact, we've had moms purchase the Gownie for giving birth and the Birthing Gown to use at home after baby comes. It feels so good on, that you really won't want to take it off!

As you plan your birth don't forget to plan something very comfy to wear! You can even put your gown on your baby shower registry at A Nurturing Moment. That way your friends and family can get you something you'll enjoy for months to come!

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