Saturday, February 14, 2015

FaceBook Is Blocking This Breastfeeding Blog!

By Glenni Lorick, IBCLC
Today I created a brand new blog called TechNOboobies in response to Facebook's ongoing insistence on blocking this blog, Nurturing Moments. I really hate that it has come to this, but Facebook seems to have absolute disregard for nursing mothers and babies. In their own information, they proclaim that they don't block breastfeeding images, yet they have a long history of doing just that. And now they have resorted to blocking my blog  that deals with Breastfeeding.

A Call to Action

I would like to ask everybody who reads this to do two things:
1. Please share the link to this blog post, then when you see the Security Check at the left saying the link might be unsafe, please click on "let us know" and let Facebook know that they need to stop blocking Nurturing Moments because there is nothing unsafe here!
2. Share the link to TechNOBoobies.  I would like to highlight stories of social media discrimination against breastfeeding everywhere they occur. This isn't just about Nurturing Moments. It is a war to normalize breastfeeding within our culture. Are you up for the fight?

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