Thursday, May 26, 2016

The MOM Foundation Seeks Beautiful Breastfeeding Images

by Glenni Lorick, IBCLC

The 2016 MOM Foundation breastfeeding calendar was a hit, not only with photographers who were eager to showcase their work, but also with the moms who purchased them. More importantly, it provided some funding to help with the various projects of The MOM Foundation including the following:

  • Bosom Buddies provides gently used nursing bras to low income and teen moms
  • Half-Price Symphony Breast Pump Rental is also available for those moms
  • Professional Lactation Consultation services are offered on sliding-fee scale for all mothers
  • The North Alabama Cloth Diaper Bank provides cloth diaper loans to families in need
Now it's time to kick off our 2017 Calendar promotion!

Calling All Photographers

We are doing things a bit differently this year. Once again we are inviting photographers to submit breastfeeding photos. Each photographer must submit a high resolution image to as well as either a 10X14 or a 16X20 mounted print (or canvas if you prefer) for our August event (details below). The first 31 photos submitted will be featured throughout the month of August in this blog. We will ask each photographer to help us contact the mom to feature her breastfeeding story one day in our Nurturing Moments blog during World Breastfeeding Month. Multiple images may be used in the blog feature if the photographer wishes. 
There is an entry fee this year because we are planning a special event on August 6, where the fourteen images for the calendar will be chosen. If you choose to submit a 10X14, the entry fee is $10. If you would prefer to submit a 16X20, the fee is $25. All submitted images will be returned to the photographer.

A Celebration of Breastfeeding Beauty

On August 6 we will have a very special night at Lifhthouse Photography Studios in The Lumberyard hosted by A Nurturing Moment and Mary Ellen Pollard. We will have wine and cheese as well as musical entertainment. Each of the submitted photos will be displayed, and attendees will vote for their five favorite images. The top 14 vote recipients will be featured in the 2017 MOM Foundation calendar. Tickets will be $10-12, but all participating photographers will attend free of charge. Those photographers who have paid $25 to enter a 16X20 canvas will also receive special recognition in the program. Calendars will also be available for presale that evening with guaranteed delivery at least 2 weeks before Christmas!

Submit Your Photo Now

Are you excited about having your work featured in our blog? Are you looking forward to being part of the 2017 calendar? Then submit your photo today! In your email let us know if you plan to have a 10X14 or a 16X20 canvas for the Celebration. Remember that we will be featuring photos in our blog based on the order in which we receive them! 

Last year's calendar was absolutely beautiful (we still have a few left - recently discounted to just $10), but I can't wait to see what our amazing photographers put together for this year!!

Get your ticket here! The first 25 people to purchase tickets will get the Early Bird price of $10! Or you can come into A Nurturing Moment to get your ticket.

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