Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Credits Britax With Saving Daughters' Lives

Jonathan Sherrill of Carmel, Indiana, is one very thankful daddy. On the morning of October 5, 2011 he had just dropped his son off at kindergarten and was headed to the preschool his two daughters attend when his minivan was struck head-on by a driver who had crossed the interstate median. Miraculously, he survived the crash with just a broken kneecap, some damage to his leg and some road rash. He heard his daughters screaming, and turned around, expecting the worst, only to find that they were absolutely unscathed still sitting securely in their car seats in the midst of the twisted wreckage that had been their minivan.
His story emphasizing the importance of properly installed car seats was featured on the news where he lives. In that story he credited the car seats with saving the girls' lives. But he didn't say what brand they were. However, he also wrote a letter to Britax in which he said, "While the local news story mainly highlighted my comments related to the importance of the child safety seats in general, clearly the quality and safety features of the Britax Marathon car seats are to be credited for saving the lives of my daughters." He added, "we are thankful that we chose to spend the additional money for the Britax car seats over the competitive brands – clearly we paid more for better quality. And we immediately replaced the Britax Marathon’s (sic) with (3) new Britax Frontier 85 Combination Harness-­‐2-­‐Booster® Seats – as seen on the news story in the rental van. My wife and I continue to insist that our children utilize the five-­‐point harness until their weight exceeds the maximum limit."

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