Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nap Nanny Makes Sleep a Reality

Just over a year ago, much to the dismay of many parents, the Nap Nanny was recalled because a child had actually died in one. Then why in the world is this a product that we would promote? That's a terrific question - I'm so glad you asked it!!

The new Nap Nanny Chill has undergone a design revision to make it safer. After voluntarily recalling all the current Nap Nannies, the creators waged a full-fledged media campaign to make sure that parents were using their product correctly. It turns out that the child who died was in a Nap Nanny that had been placed in a crib -A HUGE NO-NO!! In fact, Nap Nanny posted this video to instruct parents on the proper use of their product.

So what is it about the Nap Nanny that makes us want to carry it? First of all, it's important to emphasize that the company makes no medical claims whatsoever about their product. They don't claim that it helps with reflux. The certainly don't claim that it reduces SIDS. So what does it do? It provides a very safe separate-but-proximate sleep environment for infants who weigh at least 8 lbs. When used correctly, the Nap Nanny will be placed on the floor. It angles baby's body in such a way that  baby can fall asleep and stay asleep more comfortably. That's great news for parents who are sleep deprived and worried sick over their infant. When used according to directions, the Nap Nanny offers a completely safe place for baby to sleep. 

What makes it different from wedges? A wedge is actually placed in the crib under the mattress. Often babies tend to slide down. If baby slides down or isn't placed correctly, airway constriction can occur. The Nap Nanny has a harness that securely fastens baby in place. The manufacturer says that once a baby is mobile and starting to sit up, he should not be left in the Nap Nanny to sleep. However, as baby gets older, the Nap Nanny morphs into the ideal toddler recliner. It's the perfect little seat for him to sit in while he looks at a book or plays quietly in his room.

The big question is, "With a price tag of $130, is it really worth it?" One of our ANM moms said this: "A life saver!!!! He had colic real bad and once we got one he started sleeping through the night!"  Another said, 
"We have one and love it!" and a third mom commented, "We love ours!"

If you're ready to get some sleep, come on by and check out the Nap Nanny. Mention this blog post, and save 10% off the regular price!

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