Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Life Well Lived

This afternoon I found myself in the hospital room of one of our church elders. This precious man has been a part of our lives for the nearly 7 years that my husband has pastored our little church. He is usually the first one there Sunday mornings to make sure the heat or air is on and to make sure everything is ready. He sang in the choir. His commitment to the Lord, to his family and to his church has been such an example to so many. But today I saw a very different man lying in that bed. Weakened by the ravages of cancer, he didn't even recognize us as my husband leaned over to pray with him. As I hugged his hurting wife, the tears flowed.

Moments earlier we had all been waiting out in the hall when a bubbly toddler full of life and energy bounded up to give his great-grandma a hug. His smile was contagious! His mama who was grieving over her grandfather's condition couldn't help but offer a dimpled smile as her precious little boy hugged her leg. Even Great-Grandma who is in the process of losing the man she has spent her life with smiled at the little one who was oblivious to the hurt around him.

I thought for a moment about the family gathered there. Four generations had come together to love and support each other. I thought about some of the stories I've heard about our precious elder and his wife when they were younger. He came from a big family, and I have really enjoyed hearing about some of their escapades! Then I thought about what a gift they have given their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their example, their love, their legacy of faith are being passed down from generation to generation. 

We're all at different stages of parenting...most of my readers are young mothers. Some are not-so-young mothers like me, and some may be grandmothers. But we can all strive to have the kind of life that will leave an impact on generations to come. It's a challenge that I want to take!

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  1. May God bless and comfort the family of Arthur Countess, October 1, 1932 - November 14, 2011. There is a gaping hole in our church and in our hearts that no one else can fill!