Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Mom's Take on Thirsties, Rumparooz and Kawaii

by Kaylee Hocking, guest blogger

I have been cloth diapering since my little girl was about 7 months old. Recently she has been leaking at night since she wakes about every two hours to nurse.

I had been using the Kawaii overnight diapers but some nights her pajamas would be wet around her legs so I tried many things: stripping, more inserts... nothing seemed to help. So I decided to try my Thirsties cover or my Rumparooz cover with a Thirsties duo sta-dry microfiber and hemp insert.

So far she has had no leaks with these. I had tried the Rumparooz pocket diaper since they have a double gusset too, but the fleece goes halfway up the elastic just like on all my other pocket diapers, and they just all seem to wick onto her pajamas.

The Thirsties velcro cover was one of the first covers I tried. I had not used it much but went to use it the other night and noticed the inner elastic gusset wasn't very elastic. I have hardly used it, so I think it might just have been poorly made. Now I check them to make sure the gusset doesn't seem loose or worn out looking before I buy a Thirsties cover. I had bought that one online, so I didn't get to look at it first.

I like the Rumparooz a little bit more for my baby right now since she has thinned out from crawling and pulling up. They work great on her thinner thighs because they have a tighter fit. On a baby with chunky thighs it would probably be too tight. We are concerned that it may even inhibit her crawling during the day, so we only use them at night and use Kawaii pockets during the day.

I think as she gets bigger the Thirsties cover will last her longer as she begins potty training.  I have also found that the snaps are best for night time, since I can adjust them tighter around the legs and looser around her stomach if I need to. I do like velcro during the day for pocket diapers (since she is so wiggly right now) as long as they are under clothes.  

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