Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Best Purchase I Made When I Was Pregnant...

This week I asked our ANM moms to finish this statement. I wanted to know what they felt like they couldn't have done without during pregnancy. We got a wide range of answers. I hope that this list helps you figure out what you just have to have!!


We had several moms who thought their best pregnancy investment involved a clothing purchase.
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  • Maternity pants - one mom said that if she hadn't had pregnancy pants, she would have been in pajamas all the time!
  • Long maxi dress
  • Back support belt
  • Stretchy pants
  • Maternity tanks from Target
  • Maternity jeans from the Gap
  • Pajama Jeans - one mom who had sworn she'd never buy them ended up absolutely loving them.
  • Nursing tops - these are a great pregnancy purchase because you can wear them long afterwards to enable you to breastfeed discreetly

Health/Beauty Related

Some moms felt that their best pregnancy investment was something they did to take care of themselves.

  • Chiropractic care - if you need a chiropractor who is very familiar with the needs of pregnant women, check out Dr. Patty Long in Meridianville.
  • A Pedicure - you deserve to feel pretty and pampered while pregnant!
  • Tums
  • Seasickness bands - one mom said they were a lifesaver after she was hospitalized for vomiting and dehydration


Several moms felt that certain foods were their favorite pregnancy purchase!
  • A lot of fruit
  • Hot and Now Krispy Kreme Donuts 
  • Sherbet, LOTS of sherbet
  • Chili cheese dog from Sonic
  • Mango Smoothie
  • Watermelon - one mom said this kept her from feeling "blah"


Many of our respondents felt that a pregnancy pillow was their very best pregnancy purchase. Here's what our moms had to say:
  • Snoogle (one mom had to buy a second snoogle because her husband took hers!) and mini-snoogle
  • Boppy Total Pregnancy Pillow - we had a mom say she couldn't sleep during pregnancy without it.
  • Prego Pillow

Birth/Postpartum Related

Doulas can make a HUGE difference!
Some mothers thought that the decisions regarding their birth and early post-partum were their best pregnancy investment.
  • Midwife services
  • A doula - one mom said that her doula kept her laughing and not feeling contractions until she was almost 10 cm! 
  • A Medela postpartum support - one mom who had a C-section said it made her feel like she wasn't going to fall apart when she stood up.
  • Nursing pads so you don't leak when milk comes in

Baby Related

Other moms thought that purchases they made for the baby topped the list.
  • Cloth diapers - one mom said they've saved her a lot of money and all the colors and patterns have made it really fun.
  • Breast pump - this one is really for mom and baby, but one mom said it really helped her be able to avoid formula when her little one was too sleepy to latch.
  • A Heart-tones Monitor - One mom felt that using this early in her pregnancy gave her peace of mind that she needed
  • Carseat/Stroller Combo - one mom said that was awesome to have with a sleeping baby!
  • Moby wrap
  • Rock & Play sleeper
  • A Baby sling
Finally, one mother said that her best purchase while pregnant was a Sam's Club Membership....makes a lot of sense! You can get a LOT of comfort food at Sams as well as some pretty cool things for later on, too!
What was YOUR best pregnancy purchase?? 

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